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Timebank Auckland

Tuesday, 5th July 2022 6:30 PM — 2:00 AM

Online: Skills discovery and lets get sharing them

We are going online for this session. Its suitable for new and existing members who are wanting to connect around skills.  This session is how we get the timebank ball rolling.  

zoom link: room opens 6:20pm

You will get a chance to connect with other timebankers and discuss and discover skills!  Skills we have to offer to or request from our community, as well as skills we might like to learn.  This evening reminds us how it could be the little things we can offer people which will make a difference in others lives and build connection with our community. 

If you haven't already joined our timebank you are welcome to join in

Usually we meet in person at Gribblehirst Community hub

Things like:
  • Skills discovery events
  • Planning for upcoming events
  • How to help timebank community groups
  • Members share skills - fun evening
  • Ideas for projects
  • Talk and share something / anything you fancy?

What is timebanking?
Timebanking is a way to connect to your community while sharing and exchange skills, goods and resources in your community without the use of money. Instead we use time-credits where 1 hour equals 1 time-credit. Its lots of fun and supports everyone in interesting and surprising ways.