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Timebank Auckland

Tuesday, 26th July 2022 6:30 PM — 8:30 PM

Timebank Tuesday: Event Planning

Mid year is a chance to consider what events we might like to host until the end of the year.  Remember Timebanking is about exchaning skills and interests with our community.  It is a chance to build community.  We can connect with other groups and together create something special or you can share a passion or your own.  Anything goes and you are supported by your timebank. 

Would you be like to be part of a spring festival at Gribblehirst?  Or perhaps be a part of a skill-share and a pot luck dinner. 

This is our regular in-person meetup at Gribblehirst Hub. We will offer different focus for each evening.

Things like:
  • Skills discovery events
  • Planning for upcoming events
  • How to help timebank community groups
  • Members share skills - fun evening
  • Shared dinners
  • Ideas for projects
  • Talk and share something / anything you fancy?

What is timebanking?
Timebanking is a way to connect to your community while sharing and exchange skills, goods and resources in your community without the use of money. Instead we use time-credits where 1 hour equals 1 time-credit. Its lots of fun and supports everyone in interesting and surprising ways.