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Timebank Auckland

About Timebank Auckland

This website is where members of local timebanks across the Auckland region post offers and requests and store their time-credits. 

Timebank Auckland supports local timebanks in the Auckland region. Timebank Auckland also helps local timebanks to get started, and supports them in meeting their goals. Every timebank is unique, and shaped by the people involved.  There are currently two local timebanks in Auckland, one in Central Auckland and one in Māngere.

Timebank Auckland is also an information hub for members of a local timebank in Auckland, where they can:

  • share and view skills and talents of members
  • list offers and requests
  • view upcoming orientations
  • record exchanges 
  • view time-credits

To become a member of Timebank Auckland first join a local Auckland timebank. 

Join a timebank in Central Auckland or Māngere here >>