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Timebank Auckland

Apply for membership in Timebank Auckland

How to join Timebank Auckland

To join Timebank Auckland you need to join your local timebank first.  We currently have timebanks in Māngere and Central Auckland. 

Step 1 Join your Local Timebank First

Get you referees ready: When you join your local timebank you will be asked to provide two referees who we may wish to contact.  We ask for referees as Timebank Auckland is an open network of people who help each other, sometimes in each other's homes.  Once a timebank coordinator has approved your local timebank membership, you can then join the Timebank Auckland website. After that you will have access to all the member features of this website. 

Join your local timebank here >>

Step 2 Join Timebank Auckland

Complete the form to the left.  After you complete the form you will be able to complete your profile, list offers and requests, and see what is happening in Timebank Auckland.

Step 3 Attend an Orientation

The final step is to attend an orientation either online or in person.   We also hold larger group orientations once a month where people can meet and greet as well is as share about skills and projects. 

View upcoming orientations here >> 

If you would like assistance with the joining process please contact your local timebank coordinator >>